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Bonneville Salt Flats Current Situation

Speed Week at Bonneville has been cancelled the last two years, 2014 and 2015, due to the salt being in a condition which is not suitable for racing.

2014 was very wet with more rain than expected at that time of the year. Last year they also received quite a bit of rain, but a number of competitors are pointing the finger at the mining operations that occur around the salt flats taking too much salt away and depleting the salt flats.

The video below describes the various viewpoints on what is happening

In 2016 the event went ahead and the salt was in pretty good condition. A similar number of speed records were set compared to previous years.

We are still intending to take a tour to Bonneville in 2017, but we can not guarantee that Speed Week will be on. By the time the SCTA cancel the event it is too late for us to cancel, as all of our bookings are in place. In 2015 the SCTA held the Mojave Mile on the same weekend that Speed Week was due to start. We attended this event and everyone on the tour enjoyed that. We are hopeful that Speed Week will be on in 2017 and it is on that premise that we offer this tour.